MWW Titileholder Responsibilities:

Attending two (just two, but you can do more) appearances a month. This can range from going to the Capital to being in a parade. Speaking at a grade school is an awesome option too!

Going to Ms. Wheelchair America! MWA is an incredible experience! There are always incredible, like-minded women there that you will meet and make life-long friends from all over the country.

Crowning the next Ms. Wheelchair Washington! And sharing all that you accomplished throughout your reign!

Fundraising: this will be a combo of getting you to Ms. Wheelchair America and then building the program! I want to ensure that you can get to MWA!

MWW Coordinator Responsibilities:

Hosting an annual Ms. Wheelchair Washington of America competition.

Hosting fundraisers and growing the program.

Assisting the current titleholder in their venture of fundraising to ensure that they are able to attend Ms. Wheelchair America.

Helping prepare the titleholder for the Ms. Wheelchair America competition.

Guiding the titleholder to opportunities of sharing their platform.