2020 Supporters

This picture is an ad. At the top of the ad, is an image of a river rock two-story house with upper and lower cedar-framed decks across the right side of the house. This picture was taken at dusk and all the lights are on inside the house which makes the house glow. There is a white canvass awning in the foreground, lined around the bottom edge of the canvass are white lights and a brown patio set with red cushions sits under the awning surrounding a fire pit. To the bottom right of this house image, is another picture. This picture is of Paul Minty and Barry Long sitting at a table working on a tablet. They are both smiling. The bottom of the ad provides the following information: ABLE Environments is written on a white background. ABLE is written in capital bold orange letters, Enivornments is written with four orange arrows overlapping each other and moving to the right above the top left part of the letter m in Environments). At the bottom of the ad, there are three lines of text on a black background. The first line, all in capital white letters reads, "YOUR ACCESSIBLE REAL ESTATE TEAM!"  Centered on the second line are the names, TIM MINTY and BARRY LONG (both written in the color orange and typed with capital letters). Under the name Tim Minty is "call/text: 206.617.3935. Under the name Barry Long is call/text: 206.612.3477.

Barry Long Homes is raising the bar in accessibility. For more information, watch this video on what Barry is doing to make finding accessible homes accessible.

A picture of a woman holding her hand over a blue, white, green, and purple checkered-pattern hot air balloon with the Ms. Wheelchair Washington logo cropped in the middle of the balloon--the Ms. Wheelchair Washington logo look is of the state of Washington with the Space needle drawn on the peninsula area of the state, Mt. Rainier as the back drop in the main part of the state. In the foreground of the mountain is a woman with long flowing hair and a crown on her head pushing her wheelchair with the writing Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program at the woman's feet in the right hand corner of the state. The writing above the woman--in black letters--reads, "Chrysalis 501c3 organization is donating a Dream Catcher balloon ride to the 2020 Ms Wheelchair Washington winner." In blue letters running down the right side of the picture (but still above the balloon)  "January 18, 2020 - 2-4 PM Mountlake Terrace Library 23300 58th Ave W, Mountlake Terrace, WA. FREE PUBLIC EVENT!" The bottom of the page reads (in purple lettering) "Form more info: MsWheelchairWa.org & DreamCatcherBalloon.org."

Thank you Captain Crystal and the Chrysalis organization for your generous in-kind donation to Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2020, Kaitlin Skilton.

SNO-ISLE Library logo:  A green line creates the top boarder of the logo. Below the green line, SNO-ISLE is bolded and centered above the word LIBRARIES. A three-colored swoosh from bottom to top -- a green, light green, and pink swoosh -- is over the left corner of the word "SNO".

Thank you Mountlake Terrace Library for donating your space for our event.

Application Form:
If you have an interest in the MWW Program, please email the following pertinent information to washington@mswheelchairamerica.org
___1. I would like to be a contestant
___2. I would like to nominate someone to be a contestant (send their information as well).
___3. I would like to be a financial sponsor or provide a donation.
___4. I would like the current MWW to come and speak at an event.
___5. I would like more information about this program.    
Name __________________________________  
Street Address __________________________________________________________
City __________________________________ State _____________ Zip ____________   Phone __________________________________  
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