Welcoming Kaitlin Skilton, Ms. Wheelchair WA 2020


Kaitlin Skilton Crowned Ms. Wheelchair Washington of America 2020

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wa., Jan. 18, 2020

Kaitlin Skilton, selected as Ms. Wheelchair Washington of America (MWW) 2020 has the opportunity to represent the great state of Washington at Nationals in Little Rock, Arkansas, this August as she competes for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2020.

About the Program

The Mission of Ms. Wheelchair America is to provide an opportunity of achievement for women who happen to be wheelchair users to successfully educate and advocate for the more than 54 million Americans living with disabilities. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Ms. Wheelchair America is not a contest to select the most attractive individual. It is instead a competition based on advocacy, achievement, communication, and presentation to select the most accomplished and articulate spokeswoman for persons with disabilities. The selected representative must be able to communicate both the needs and the accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, the business community, and the legislature. 

Introducing Kaitlin Skilton, MWW 2020

Skilton, born on September 19, 1996, with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele as well as other underlying disabilities, lives in Seattle with her family and cat Lana. She is passionate about photography, music, sports, reading, and writing. But recently she found the committee for people with disabilities and fell in love with it. 

Kaitlin, wearing her white Ms. Wheelchair Washington sash, being crowned by Mrs. Washington!

Skilton says, “Growing up, I shied away from activism or even talking and/or writing about my disabilities because I felt a lot of pressure in my community to do so.“ This made Skilton feel as though people did not see there was more to her than her disabilities. However, she says her Seattle Adaptive Sports and Kiwanis Camp Casey communities have greatly and positively impacted her as they understood her thoughts and opinions. She expresses that she is extremely grateful to have found so many wonderful friends and a home away from home. Skilton continues that she would not have all these things if not for her disabilities.

Skilton desires to educate about her platform; inclusivity is necessary for everyone as inclusivity goes beyond accessibility and gives people a sense of belonging. 


During Skilton’s reign as MWW, she is interested in the opportunity to share and gain knowledge as well as address issues that impact her community and work toward solutions. She is interested in participating in as many events as possible. If you have any connections to an event or speaking engagement, she would greatly appreciate being given the opportunity to speak about the Ms. Wheelchair America program and her platform. 

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